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Lafiya Don Kowa: Jihar Gombe Ta Ƙaddamar Da Hukumar Kula Da Harkokin Magunguna Da Kayayyakin Jinya



Daga Yunusa Isa, Gombe

A ƙoƙarinta na samar da kiwon lafiya ga kowa, gwamnatin Jihar Gombe ta ƙaddamar da sabuwar hukumar kula da harkokin magunguna da kayayyakin jinya data ƙirƙiro don samar da ingancciyar kulawar jinya a jihar.

Da yake jawabi yayin ƙaddamar da hukumar gami da kwas ɗin wayar da kan ma’aikatan lafiya daga manyan asibitocin jihar, kwamishinan lafiya na Jihar Gombe Dr Habu Ɗahiru, yace hukumar za ta taimaka wajen cimma burin jihar na samar da ingantaccen tsarin kiwon lafiya ga kowa.

“Duniya baki ɗaya ta himmatu ne kan samar da kiwon lafiya na bai ɗaya ga kowa wanda aka yi bikinsa a makon jiya, ranar 12 ga wannan wata na Disamba, wannan burin namu ba zai cika ba har sai kasance asibitocinmu suna da wadatatun magunguna da kayayyakin jinya, yanzu da aka kafa wannar hukuma ta kula da magunguna da kayayyakin jinya ta Jihar Gombe, burin mu na rage tsadar jinya a jihar, da ingantawa dama ƙarfafa dabi’ar zuwa asibiti zai cika”.

Dr Habu Ɗahiru yace hukumar za ta taimaka wajen samar da isassun magunguna masu rahusa ga majinyata a jihar, lamarin da yace zai inganta rayuwar al’ummar jihar musamman talakawa.

Kwamishinan ya yi ƙiran samun haɗin kai tsakanin hukumomin kiwon lafiya na jihar don samun nasarar hukumar na samar da ingantaccen kiwon lafiya.

Ya buƙaci mahalarta taron su bada gudunmawa yadda ya kamata a yayin taron, don sanin yadda sabuwar hukumar zata rika gudanar da ayyukanta.

A jawabinsa na maraba, Babban Sakataren Sabuwar Hukumar ta Kula da Magunguna da Kayayyakin Jinyan ta Jihar Gombe Pharmacist Caleb Faransa, yace kafa hukumar wani sabon ci gaba ne a harkar lafiya a Jihar Gombe.

Yace “A yau hukumar kula da magunguna da kayayyakin jinya ta Jihar Gombe ta kafu da ƙafarta, bisa muradin samar da jinya ga kowa ta hanyar samar da ingantattun magunguna masu rahusa ta hanyar data dace”.

Ya kuma yaba da ƙoƙarin hukumar kula da asibitoci ta Jihar Gombe bisa rawar data taka wajen samar da sabuwar hukumar.

Da yake tabbatar da cewa sabuwar hukumar za ta taimaka wajen samar da magunguna masu sauƙi da inganci ga talakawa, babban sakataren yace, hakan wani tsari ne na ƙasa wadda Jihar Gombe ta shiga; inda kowace jiha zata samar da hukumar kula da magunguna da kayayyakin jinya da zata kasance mai cin gashin kanta ta fuskar mulki da kuɗi, don inganta tsarin kiwon lafiya na ƙasar nan.

Ya ƙara da cewa kwas ɗin wayar da kan mahalartan na yini guda, ya mayar da hankali ne kan manyan asibitoci, yayin da ƙananan asibitoci za su biyo baya idan tsare-tsare sun kammala.

A saƙonninsu na fatan alheri, Babban Sakataren Hukumar Kula da Asibitoci ta Jihar Gombe, Dr Bala Lawan, dana Hukumar Kula da Lafiya Matakin Farko ta Jihar Gombe, Dr Abdulrahman Shuaibu, dana Hukumar Taimakekeniyar Lafiya ta Jihar Gombe (GoHealth) da wakilin sarakuna, mai riƙon Hakimincin Gombe Alhaji Usman Shettima, sun yabawa hangen nesa da jajircewar gwamnan jihar Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya wajen kafa hukumar, wacce suka ce za ta fi amfanar talaka.

Alhaji Usman Shettima ya yabawa gwamnatin jihar musamman kan samar da wannar hukuma da makamantanta don farfaɗo da fannin lafiyan jihar.

Da yake yabawa irin jajircewar ma’aikatan lafiyan jihar, basaraken ya buƙaci al’ummar jihar su marawa sabuwar hukumar baya don gudanar da ayyukanta yadda ya kamata.

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Gombe NNPP Exco Holds Emergency Meeting Over Mailantarki’s Exit



By Yunusa Isa, Gombe


The State Executive Council of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) in Gombe State has held an emergency meeting following Hon Khamisu Ahmed Mailantarki’s resignation from the party.


Speaking during the meeting in Gombe, the state party chairman, Hon. Barrister Rambi Ibrahim Ayala, expressed dismay over the new development. He maintained that the state party stakeholders did everything possible to retain the party leader, but he personally decided to leave.

While reading through Mailantarki’s letter of resignation, Barrister Rambi appreciated the former NNPP leader for his immense contributions during his stay in the party.


The state party chair, however, said, “Our doors are always wide open for our former leader whenever he decides to rejoin the NNPP. We are very much ready to welcome him back to our fold.”

While encouraging members and officials on the party ideals, Barrister Rambi maintained, “We remain confident and determined to continue our struggle to emancipate and bring about positive change to our people.”


He appealed to all NNPP members in the state not to demoralize, insult, or speak badly of the former leader. He said, “Though he is no longer with us, we still respect him. As responsible comrades, let’s not spread negativity about him, please. In his letter, he didn’t accuse us of any wrongdoing. Rather, he commended and appreciated the opportunity and support we accorded him during his stay in the NNPP.”

Barrister Rambi charged the party executive at all levels to brace up and woo more members for the party. He noted that their commitment would make NNPP the most active party in Gombe State, ready to seize power come 2027.


Other members who spoke during the emergency meeting, including the party’s Financial Secretary Ibrahim Umar Babangida, Zonal Vice Chairman Gombe North Hon Sa’idu Baba Gombe, and Welfare Secretary Kabiru Muhammad Puma among others, all renewed their commitment to NNPP. They assured everyone that the new development would not discourage them but inspire them more for success.

They emphasized unity, commitment, and perseverance to keep Gombe NNPP flying on the trajectories of its national leader, Engineer Dr Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso.


While appealing to the state party chairman to carry everyone along, the stakeholders commended his moral and financial commitment to NNPP in Gombe State.


They also advised on early scouting and identification of responsible candidates at various levels to make NNPP more vibrant and inclusive before 2027.


Mailantarki was the NNPP gubernatorial flag bearer in the 2023 General Elections in Gombe State.

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Tekan Peace Desk Encourages Gombe Citizens On Religious Tolerance, Human Rights Protection



By Yunusa Isa, Gombe

The need for Gombe People to respect one another’s belief, strengthen human rights and remain brothers keepers has been stressed.

The encouragement was given by the lead resource person Dr Obadiah Samuel from University of Jos, during a stakeholder consultative meeting on human rights and religious tolerance, organized by Tekan Peace Desk in Gombe.

Presenting a paper titled “Understanding Religious Intolerance and Its Effects on Human Rights Protection” and another on “Strategies for Creating Safe Space for Human Rights Protection”, Obadiah said religious tolerance has to do with respecting other people’s beliefs and avoiding anything that could make them intimidated.

While encouraging people of the state to remain brothers keepers, the resource person maintained that religious tolerance bring about peace, social cohesion and national development.

On human rights, Dr Obadiah said national, regional and international treaties recognized right to life and right to religious belief amongst others for every human being, maintaining that it is a duty on individuals and states to recognize and safeguard same.

He urged participants to become advocates of peace by reaching the unreached, to step down the knowledge acquired during the meeting.

Some participants at the meeting Lami Andrew and Ali Alola Alfinti, identified ignorance, poverty, political sentiments and extremism as major factors responsible for religious intolerance in the state.

They however highlighted love, education, awareness creation, understanding for one another and fight against poverty as panacea to religious intolerance and human rights violations.

They assured to step down the knowledge to grassroots.

Tekan Peace Desk with support from Brot and European Union is implementing a project ‘Faith for Peace’ in six communities; two each in Kwami, Yamaltu Deba and Ɓillliri local government areas of Gombe State.

The project focuses on empowering local actors to promote peace building, human rights, democracy and religious tolerance in Nigeria.

Participants at the meeting cut across community, religious and civil society organizations, media outfits, government & security agencies as well as human rights activists.

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DZ Rice Rekindles Hope Amidst Economic Challenges



By Auwal Muhammad Adamu, Gombe

In a beacon of hope amidst soaring food prices and unemployment, the newly established rice mill industry ‘DZ Ventures’ has pledged to alleviate some burden by subsidizing the cost of processed rice and fostering employment opportunities in Gombe.

During the grand opening ceremony at Ajiya Nasarawo in Gombe metropolis, Alhaji Salisu DZ, the Managing Director of DZ Ventures, revealed the company’s commitment to gender and age-inclusive job creation, aiming to complement Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya’s efforts in tackling economic hardships.

In his remark, the Chairman Northeast Cooperative Stakeholders Forum, Barrister Abdullahi Jalo, commended the inclusivity efforts of the Gombe State Rice Processors Association, urging them to support DZ Ventures to excel.

Also the chairman Gombe State Rice Processors Association, Alhaji Lawan Yusuf, praised Alhaji Muhammadu Dan Zaria DZ for his dedication in turning the rice mill vision into reality. He emphasized the commitment to producing high-quality and affordable rice for the people of Gombe State and the nation at large.

The event, attended by top government officials, industry stakeholders, cooperative society representatives, and community members, marks a significant step towards economic resilience and prosperity in the state.

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